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Instaluxe gets 8% of its sales from Criteo Facebook newsfeed ads at a 4X lower cost-of-sales.


Of sales from Criteo Facebook ads


Cost of sale


Sales from Criteo EBS


Purchasing a pre-owned luxury item is not always an impulse decision, so InstantLuxe has to keep enticing potential buyers back with compelling campaigns that nudge them towards conversion.


InstantLuxe runs campaigns with all Criteo solutions, including cross-device, Facebook newsfeed ads and EBS. Powerful editorial boosts return visits and sales by targeting customers with precisely the right message at the right time about the superb deals they have seen – and introduces new ones.


  • 8% of sales from Criteo Facebook newsfeed ads
  • 4X lower cost-of-sale on Facebook
  • Uplift of sales from iOS devices thanks to Criteo EBS

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