Ad Tech Firm Criteo to Launch Data Cooperative to Help Retailers Take On Amazon

Updated on September 12, 2023

By Laura O’Reilly

With Inc. increasingly dominating the online and offline retail business, ad tech company Criteo SA is looking to position itself as the vendor that can help retailers fight back.

Criteo is the ad tech sector’s star performer, having built its business on a technique called “retargeting” — serving ads to people who have already visited a retailer’s website to remind them to return and make a purchase.

The company says it has grown its customer base to 11,000 retailers, giving it information on $550 billion in annual commerce sales.

Now Criteo is encouraging retailers, publishers and brands to pool their data together to stand a better chance of getting new and existing customers to purchase their products outside the Amazon ecosystem. The idea is that with more accurate data covering consumers’ offline and online shopping habits, retailers and brands can better target ads at people who are most likely to make purchases.

The complete version of this article originally appeared in The Wall Street Journal on July 27, 2017. Get the full story here.

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