Find New Customers with Criteo Customer Acquistion

How do you find, engage, and convert shoppers who have never purchased from you or have never heard of your brand? With Criteo Customer Acquisition, engage only the ...
Updated on September 16, 2020

As an online retailer, you can’t afford to sit still – you’re always looking for effective ways to bring interested shoppers back and to find new, high-potential customers. You need more traffic and continual growth, but how do you find, engage, and convert shoppers who have never purchased from you or in some instances, haven’t even heard of your brand?

Introducing Criteo Customer Acquisition

With Criteo Customer Acquisition, you can engage only the most relevant new customers based on historic shopping and browsing patterns, interests, and likelihood to convert for your products.

Find new customers with Criteo Shopper Graph

Criteo Customer Acquisition leverages the full capabilities of Criteo Shopper Graph, the world’s largest open shopper data set. Criteo Shopper Graph measures shopper identity and interest and presents a unified understanding of not only a shopper’s online journey but also real-time intent data.

Criteo Customer Acquisition leverages the Shopper Graph’s Identity Graph and Interest Map. The Identity Graph contains over 2B global cross-device IDs and has over 10,000 participating clients while the Interest Map covers over 4 billion products and the browsing habits of over 1.2 billion monthly shoppers to generate 600TB of daily shopper data.

Increase shopper conversions with shopper scoring

But even with the data from the shopper graph, how do you decide which of these shoppers are right for you? That’s where shopper scoring comes in.

Every potential customer has a value, specifically the likelihood they buy something from your store. Criteo granularly analyzes the aforementioned 600TB of daily shopping and browsing events in the Shopper Graph Interest Map and assigns shoppers across our network of participating advertisers a unique score that shows their likelihood to convert with you. We then target the shoppers with the highest scores and serve them personalized ads featuring your products.

Kinetic Design creates personalized ads that drive site traffic  

Finding your customers is just the first step. Delivering compelling messaging and convincing those customers to convert is the key to bringing them to your site. Criteo Customer Acquisition uses machine learning to leverage behavioral data from 1.2B+ active internet shoppers and find new customers for your acquisition campaigns.

Our performance-based model

The best thing about working with Criteo? You only pay when shoppers engage with your campaign by clicking on an ad. This way, you’re getting maximum ROI and the most benefit from our unique, performance-based acquisition solution.

To learn more about Criteo Customer Acquisition, contact us today! 

Betty Ho

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