Commerce Media Powered by the Warehouse: Hightouch’s Criteo Integration

With the latest Criteo and Hightouch integration, building audiences just unlocked new levels of powerful.

The world of ad publishing is being rocked by two seismic changes: a pivot towards first-party data and other alternative audiences as third-party cookies decline, and the rise of retail media. The way companies can target advertising is changing — and increasingly more websites are becoming their own ad publishers. 

Criteo is at the convergence of these factors as the leader in commerce media helping publishers and advertisers alike engage consumers, combining the world’s largest shopper, product, and engagement dataset with their leading AI Engine to help marketers win across the buyer journey.

Hightouch is proud to support Criteo as a destination to fully leverage the power of commerce media. Now, advertisers and publishers can build audiences in their own data warehouse, and sync those audiences into Criteo to improve ad targeting and ROI. The full store of first-party data that companies collect can power their advertising—and Hightouch and Criteo together are making that possible. 

“We’re thrilled to partner with Hightouch to help open web advertisers reach high-intent customers by leveraging their first-party data. With Hightouch and Criteo together, it’s easier than ever to advertise effectively in a cookie-less world,” shared Matthew Hogg, SVP of Partnerships at Criteo.

“First-party data is essential to power effective advertising, so we’re committed to making it easier than ever for advertisers and publishers to put their data to work,” said Tejas Manohar, Co-founder and Co-CEO of Hightouch. “We’re excited to work with Criteo and help companies of any size leverage their data in the leading commerce media platform.”

How it Works

Within Hightouch, advertisers can sync audiences to Criteo just like any of their other destinations— such as Meta, Google Ad Manager, and more.

Connect your data source and define the models you want to sync to Criteo. You can build models with tools like SQL, dbt, or Hightouch’s code-free visual audience builder. Set syncs to more than 200 destinations on a one-time or recurring basis, to keep data fresh and up-to-date in every tool you use. 

The audiences you build in Criteo will be up-to-date with your latest data and will match what you’re syncing to all of your other tools.

Get Started

For more information about how the partnership works, check out our integration capabilities.

Reach out to a Hightouch solutions engineer for a demo today or talk to a Criteo expert to see how we can help your team activate your data into Criteo.

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