Omnishopper Field Guide for Retailers, Part 2: Omnishopper Habitats and Life Cycle

Here’s part two of our field guide on omnishoppers, designed to help rmarketers get to know these buyers and keep them coming back for more.

Where are you likely to encounter omnishoppers?

Omnishoppers are found all across the globe, anywhere with an internet connection or a storefront. As our Shopper Story 2017 report reveals, they enjoy visiting brick-and-mortar stores, discovering what’s new, and having a hands-on experience with products. They also appreciate information gleaned from cross-site shopping and are highly motivated by online coupons and discount codes. You’ll find them scanning their social media feeds or perusing their loyalty emails for special offers. In addition, they’re prone to impulse purchases, both online and in store.

Regardless of habitat, omnishoppers are never far from their smartphones, often checking them immediately before or at the point of purchase.

Our research shows that despite their general fluidity between environments, omnishoppers tend to display a similar life cycle, including these stages:

  • Discovering new products. While real life, retail stores and offline advertising still play a role, an overwhelming number of omnishoppers learn about new products online.
  • Information gathering. The omnishopper turns online to research products before purchasing. They’re more likely to start with retailer sites, brand sites, and Amazon than a search engine.
  • Verifying options and inventory. They’re likely to quickly abandon a site with poor selection or unavailable items.
  • Adding on. Omnishoppers add impulse purchases at the same rate online as in store, especially for apparel and baby goods.
  • Going out, deliberately. Omnishoppers prefer real-life retail stores over online browsing when they’re in a rush — even better if that store is in a convenient location.

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Takeaway: Our Shopper Story 2017 report found that online couponing tactics are just as powerful as (the generally much better funded) offline tactics. To turn more omnishoppers into frequent buyers, keep your online coupon codes, discounts, and email deals coming!

Keep an eye out for part three in this series, where we’ll dive into the ways you can attract more omnishoppers.

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