Privacy by Design: A Fundamental and Innovative Approach to Privacy

Welcome to part one of this three-part series, where we’ll be talking about Privacy by Design, a core Criteo business principle aligned to the EU’s recently adopted General Data Protection Regulation that guides how we design, build and implement our industry-leading performance marketing solutions.

Our ability to understand a consumer’s entire online shopping journey and provide them with relevant ads that enhance their overall online experience has never been better. What you might not realize is that, at Criteo, we regard trust as one of the keys to delivering consistent, sustainable results for our clients. With marketing technology and the use of consumer devices both evolving exponentially, there are ample opportunities for security breaches and data misuse. Consumers and advertisers alike need to know that their information will be protected at all times, no matter which site or platform they are using.

That’s why we implemented Privacy by Design, our unrivaled approach to security and transparency. Maintaining transparency and ensuring consumers have control over how their data is used are essential components of our mission, and we’re an industry leader in this regard. Among other milestones, we were one of the first companies to implement a user-friendly and simple-to-understand privacy policy; we also believe in giving consumers the ability to drill down and modify their preferences with granularity.

Over the course of this series, we’ll explore the importance of privacy to both consumers and advertisers. We’ll also give you an inside look at how Criteo integrates privacy into every step of its product development and implementation process, and how it actually works with our core capabilities.

In the next installment of this series, we’ll explore the reasons why privacy is important to advertisers and to consumers — now, more than ever.

Read more about Criteo’s approach to privacy in our Privacy by Design Report.

3-Part Privacy by Design Series:

Privacy by Design: A Fundamental and Innovative Approach to Privacy [Part 1]

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