Criteo Restructures Approach to In-App Commerce with New App Measurement Partner Program

As we begin 2015, the mobile app ecommerce industry continues to mature rapidly, shifting from installs towards delivering conversions and measuring cost of sales.  These market changes have contributed to a rapid increase in usage of our mobile performance products across both browsers and apps. Consequently, we are introducing a new in-app measurement partner program and also retiring the AD-X Tracking attribution product.

Since our acquisition of the team from Ad-X Tracking in 2013, our engineering investment in in-app performance marketing continues to grow.  The announcement last week around our partnership with Facebook on its new in-app dynamic product ads is just the latest example of this. We believe the growth of ecommerce in mobile applications aligns perfectly with Criteo’s mission to generate incremental sales for our clients, and that mobile apps are an important element of their mobile strategies.

In-App Measurement Partner Program

During the last 18 months we have witnessed a rapid evolution in the mobile advertising ecosystem, particularly with the emergence of strong standalone mobile measurement and analytics providers committed to providing clients open access to their data.   Two of the largest in-app measurement players globally, Adjust and Tune, have been at the forefront of this industry and we are delighted to partner with them both as our first Criteo In-App Measurement Partners.  App developers using either of these solutions for mobile measurement will now be able to quickly and easily get their in-app marketing campaigns live with Criteo.

Criteo App Measurement Partners will provide Criteo’s clients with an easy way to collect and utilize the data required to power the Criteo Engine, while removing the need for Criteo to provide our own direct download attribution solution.

Criteo will be offering several migration options to assist our existing Ad-X Tracking clients through an easy transition.  Criteo will continue to invest in direct SDK integrations for our clients, as well as develop the network of in-app measurement partners to help the industry continue to grow.

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank all of our AD-X customers as well as the ad networks that have partnered with us over the last several years on our attribution offering.  We believe mobile commerce growth presents an incredibly exciting opportunity for our clients and the industry and we are well-positioned with our new partner program to contribute to this growth.  We look forward to working together with mobile measurement partners, ecommerce companies and the industry as a whole to make that opportunity a reality.