Holiday Marketing Reimagined, Part 2: Holiday Advertising Crash Course

‘Holiday Marketing Reimagined’ Webinar Series

In our two-part webinar series, learn strategies for getting more holiday shoppers to buy from you and how to create ad campaigns that impact holiday purchase decisions.

Part 2: Holiday Advertising Crash Course

If you’re like most marketers, your holiday planning is well underway. You’re focused on beating last year’s holiday sales, and to do so, you need to level up last year’s ad campaigns.

The common belief is that great creative and high performance can’t coexist. Do you create beautiful holiday ads and hope they perform? Or do you use the ads that are most likely to get you results?

This year, do both. Watch our webinar Holiday Advertising Crash Course on demand to learn how to optimize your ad creative for your holiday goals and measure the impact of your campaigns across the customer journey.

Watch to learn:

  • Ad creative best practices
  • The top pricing models and metrics for every stage
  • How incrementality helps you determine campaign ROI



Jaysen Gillespie
VP of Analytics, Insights and Data Science

Denise Data
Director of Creative Services & AdOps



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