The Decision Crisis: How the 2020 Consumer Decides What to Buy​

Webinar Series: The 2020 Customer Journey

Take a guided tour of the new customer journey. In our three-part webinar series, learn how to influence consumers as they consider whether or not to buy from you.

Part 1: The Decision Crisis: How the 2020 Consumer Decides What to Buy​

Consumers are always shopping—but they’re not always buying.

With today’s abundance of choice, purchase decisions take longer and are more complicated than ever. How do you make sure consumers are looking at your brand and your products when they’re considering what to buy?

In our on-demand webinar The Decision Crisis: How the 2020 Consumer Decides What to Buy​, Elena Gulotta, manager of account strategy at Criteo, explains how to reach consumers in the consideration phase with the right campaign.

Find out:

  • How long is the consideration phase today?
  • Where do consumers go for information?
  • How do marketers build effective consideration campaigns?

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Part 3: Consideration 101: How to Build Your Traffic Campaign & Measure Results

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