‘Why We Buy’ Webinar Series

In this three-part webinar series, we’ll talk through about what makes consumers loyal, and how marketers can build effective awareness and consideration campaigns that positively impact your bottom line.

Part 2: Are You Doing Brand Awareness Right?

Building a brand is an ongoing process—for small businesses and the most recognizable brands in the world.

How do you get consumers to always remember your brand in a sea of your competitors?

Watch our on-demand webinar “Are You Doing Brand Awareness Right?” presented by Gilles Giudicelli, Head of Research at CriteoHe discusses the results of our exclusive survey, where we asked 300 marketers how they make their brand stand out in the crowd—what works, what doesn’t, and the metrics that matter.

You’ll learn:

  • The most popular channels used for brand awareness
  • Marketers’ biggest branding challenges and tips for solving them
  • How to move your customers through the purchase funnel—starting with awareness

Gilles Giudicelli

Head of Research, Criteo


Part 3: How to Get Distracted Consumers to Pay Attention

Reaching new customers is hard enough. But getting them to actually go to your website and consider buying a product is even harder. Join us to learn more findings from our marketer survey of how to run successful consideration campaigns. Save Your Seat>


Part 1: Why Your Loyal Customers Leave & How to Fix It

In our “Why We Buy” study, we asked 1,000 consumers from the US and 1,000 from the UK why they buy what they buy—how they find brands, why they choose them, and what makes them stay loyal. Listen to this on-demand webinar to get the results and learn four big lessons for building lasting customer relationships. Watch Now>