The Home & Garden industry is a competitive one. With high average order values, a long conversion path, and often low purchase frequency per user, acquiring new traffic and building customer loyalty are critical for Home & Garden marketers. Obtaining either is not easy – the competition is fierce, both online and offline. To succeed with their traffic and loyalty goals, Edinos, a Polish brand specializing in furniture production, enlisted Criteo’s solutions across the consumer journey.

Growing in a competitive market

Edinos first launched a retargeting campaign, targeting users who visited their website in the last 60 days. Results were immediately strong, so Edinos decided to also trust Criteo with their traffic needs.

Just three weeks after the start of their retargeting campaign, a new campaign was launched focusing on acquiring new quality traffic for the website. Criteo’s lookalike AI technology helped Edinos identify new prospects that had similar characteristics to their best website visitors. Then, real-time creative optimization guided their way to purchase with highly personalized banners.

The value of a full funnel approach

One of the attractions for Edinos was how all Criteo campaigns were connected, working together like a well-oiled machine to their benefit. For example, the new users first brought to the Edinos website by their upper-funnel traffic campaign, later became part of the lower-funnel retargeting campaign.

Throughout the whole journey our AI engine continued to learn about each user — which products interested them, which banner designs they engaged with the most, how much time they needed between a visit and a purchase, and how many impressions were necessary in order to drive their purchase. This ensured that Edinos not only brought new quality traffic to their website, but also built a relationship with their visitors and increased their loyalty, so that the next time they needed something, they would have no doubts about which store to return to.

“Criteo’s technology really works. We make sure to stay within the established cost of sale and ROAS, and the traffic generated is very high quality — not only in the remarketing campaign. It’s great that we can achieve Edinos’ goals and focus on ads that really drive sales.”

–Adam Stadnicki, Founder & CEO, Edinos

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increase in click-through rate (CTR) 1st month vs. 6th month


of new user click-throughs engaged in other Criteo campaigns


new users exposed in 6 months


of overall Criteo revenue was generated by upper-funnel traffic campaign


decrease in cost of sales (COS) 1st month vs. 3rd month