offers travel deals from an exclusive list of hotel and travel brands. This reaches a monthly audience of 450,000 potential customers.

With its advertisers hungry for sales, needs to reach these customers where they spend time on the open internet. This is why retargeting is a critical component of’s marketing strategy.

How to optimize ROAS?

In’s search for the best return-on-ad-spend (ROAS), the brand tried out four different retargeting partners. Beyond ROAS, also investigated the effect of overbidding with two retargeters. started working with Criteo, while continuing retargeting campaigns with one other partner. But they soon discovered that running retargeting campaigns with two partners didn’t deliver the ROAS and sales volumes that they were looking for.

Testing for efficiency

Understanding’s goals for increasing ROAS, Criteo suggested testing using only one retargeter. This would avoid the cannibalization caused by working with more than one partner. In addition, the use of multiple retargeters can cause user fatigue and an artificial increase of competition.

As a result of their transparency, partnership, and the strong sales volume that Criteo delivered from the start, decided to run Criteo by itself. based this decision not only on the results, but also on Criteo’s understanding of’s broader business goals and user-friendly platform.

“Criteo [now] accounts for 20-25% of our online marketing investment, placing itself as our third most important marketing channel,” said András Szennay, Managing Director. “Apart from delivering great results, we value Criteo as a trusted partner that understands our business.”

With Criteo as its sole retargeter, saw ROAS increase month by month. Within just three months, Criteo drove 5x more sales than the other retargeter.

One retargeter, one winning strategy

With one retargeter in place, the benefits and quantifiable results were clear to Criteo delivered better results with the same investment as both partners spent in the previous year, leading to a 33% net ROAS increase.

By running one retargeter, avoided the risk of potential overlap between Criteo and the other partner. This meant a 18% net CPC decrease.

Criteo’s publisher reach, combined with a more efficient use of resources, acquired a higher share of users. This brought in more users at a lower cost (a 126% net sessions increase), which helped to drive even more sales for

*Analysed period: from April 2017 till August 2017 (while running side by side with another retargeter), vs April 2018 till August 2018 (while Criteo was running standalone).

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Net ROAS increase


Net CPC decrease


Net sessions increase