launched in 2014 to help both individuals and professionals research and purchase home materials. With competitive prices, detailed product comparisons, and hands-on customer service, has been a pioneer in their sector in Spain, and in France, where they operate as They also recently launched in the Italian market under the name

To continue to drive growth, needed a way to reengage customers throughout a long purchasing journey.

“Many of our competitors were conducting large retargeting campaigns,” says CMO, Miquel Joan Vidal Riutort. “This led us to want to improve ours and partner with one of the strongest companies in the field, Criteo.”

Staying present throughout the customer journey needed to stay top of mind with potential customers, even after they left the site. Determined to have the most effective campaigns, they evaluated solutions from different vendors.

“We considered several options but after seeing what each one offered, we decided on Criteo,” says Miquel. “Criteo offered the best opportunities to achieve our objectives and KPIs.”

Criteo’s dynamic ads are powered by the world’s largest open commerce data set, which continuously analyzes signals from 2 billion active monthly shoppers to build smarter ads. This means was able to run nuanced campaigns for their different sites, including

“One of our challenges was to launch quickly and with minimal effort to generate conversions,” says Miquel. “This was achieved in less time than expected. The integration process was very pleasant because both the account strategist and the technical team gave us support quickly and efficiently.

“Currently our most successful campaign is our lower funnel campaign in Spain, where the targeted Cost of Sale has been reached almost from the beginning.” can optimize against a specific performance target like COS, with Criteo’s Adaptive Optimization models. Machine-learning technology maximizes performance by adjusting bid levels every hour.

“We enjoy the great utility of the Criteo platform,” says Miquel. “It is very easy to see the reports and create new campaigns and creatives.”

As looks to expand how they reach customers through the entire shopper journey, Criteo has become a tried and true partner.

“We were surprised at how quickly the results expected in Spain have been achieved. We hope to continue seeing this level of results. We’ve also launched new campaigns to bring new users to our pages and make our brand stronger every day.”
– Miquel Joan Vidal Riutort, CMO,

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Cost of sale target achieved