Omnishopper Field Guide for Retailers, Part 3: Attracting the Omnishopper

In part three of our omnishopper field guide series, we're highlighting the most effective ways to reach and inspire valuable omnishoppers.

In part three of our omnishopper field guide series, we’re highlighting the most effective ways to reach and inspire valuable omnishoppers.

How can you win over this energetic, highly coveted consumer?

The end game is simple enough: Ensure omnishoppers can learn about and obtain the products they need and love whenever, wherever, however they want. Delivering a consistently relevant and delightful experience can be a lot more challenging, as our Shopper Story 2017 research shows.

Here are a few tips to get you there:

1. Load retail websites with as many product details as possible.

Regardless of how they end up making purchases, omnishoppers turn to online storefronts and mobile apps first to learn about new products. When they’re finally prepared to buy, the ultimate nudge to make a purchase usually comes from those same retail sites and apps — far more often than word of mouth, search engines, and social media. That means the more information omnishoppers can get from retailers online, the more confident they’ll feel about making that purchase.

2. Make it easy. And pretty.

Free return shipping, gorgeous photos, and informative product demo videos are just as powerful as discounted prices. Details like these simplify and enhance the overall shopping experience, paving the way for every shopper to enjoy a fun, effortless path to purchase. When done well, their seamless execution will mean the difference between getting a few more sales today, and driving maximum revenue over the shopper lifecycle.

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3. Make sure your use of data is relevant and respectful.

The savvy omnishopper is more likely to have a favorable attitude towards retargeting. They understand the value exchange between shoppers and brands (that being served more relevant advertising and better deals is made possible by providing some information). But use that information wisely — transparent and consent-driven advertising practices are important for building and maintaining long-term loyalty.

4. When it comes to real-world retail, convenience and experience are everything.

Omnishoppers in the US say that convenient location is the most important factor in their decision to shop at a retail storefront. Yet an environment where shoppers can test-drive products and learn from knowledgeable employees were also major influencers. To keep omnishoppers coming through the front doors and familiarizing themselves with your products — both in-store and at home later — retailers need to keep their in-person presentation fresh, enjoyable and expertise-driven.

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