Criteo Named 2019 Best AI-Based Solution for Marketing by AI Breakthrough Awards

Updated on September 29, 2020

The 2019 edition of the AI Breakthrough Awards has arrived, and we are excited to announce that Criteo was named 2019 Best AI-Based Solution for Marketing. The award recognizes Criteo’s commitment to innovation and how the Criteo AI Lab is pioneering innovations in advertising for the open internet. 

The AI Breakthrough Awards honors excellence, hard work, and creativity when it comes to innovative solutions driven by artificial intelligence. Criteo is recognized this year alongside other powerhouse names in electronics, robotics, and AI such as Samsung, IBM, and Cobalt. The award for AI-based marketing solutions highlights our continued dedication to providing data-based marketing that delivers feedback in real-time to best guide a business’ marketing strategy.

The Criteo AI Lab, which was the hub behind the hard work that won the award, comprises 30 researchers, 60 engineers, and 4 PhD students. It has produced 16 publications that have been presented and showcased at the top AI conferences in the world in 2018 alone, including Best Paper and a Best Paper Honorable Mention. Criteo also co-hosted a workshop and had five papers accepted at the International Conference on Machine Learning—marking a significant achievement for the company 

The Best AI-Based Solution for Marketing Award is a testament to the Criteo AI Lab and our goal of building advertising products for the open internet. By combining the expertise of our research and platform engineering teams, Criteo is actively using and integrating AI research into real production systems. From offering public workshops to providing open-source software and releasing data sets to the public, we are working hard to support the artificial intelligence industry at large through development and open communication. 

Criteo is actively pushing the limits of artificial intelligence as it pertains to marketing and we are honored to be recognized for those efforts. 

Read more about the awards here.

Blaise Lucey

Blaise has helped Fortune 500s and start-ups build comprehensive content marketing strategies from the ground up. He loves figuring out how technology can tell better stories and foster relationships.

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