How to drive new customers, sales, and LTV more efficiently

With more scrutiny of advertising activities than ever, you need to look at new ways to acquire and retain customers. 

The rapid acceleration to digital that occurred over the last few years has led to increased competition online and higher ad costs. At the same time, economic uncertainty, data and privacy regulations, and are putting pressure on advertisers to do more with less.

In this constantly evolving landscape, where there is more scrutiny of advertising activities, you can no longer depend on the same solutions that fueled growth in the past. You need to look at new ways to efficiently acquire and retain customers.

Managing customer acquisition costs (CAC) and increasing lifetime value (LTV) is more important than ever, so why not use a solution that automatically does both for you? The Criteo platform automates a self-sustaining customer acquisition and retention loop to maximize performance and profitability for your business. It’s a proven, future-ready platform built to deliver optimized, measurable outcomes regardless of today’s challenges or tomorrow’s changes.

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Win new customers who quickly become high-value customers, who then inform bigger and better acquisition audiences, while machine learning constantly works to maximize returns without maxing out your team. From display and native to video and CTV, Commerce Growth’s performance roots ensure efficient acquisition and retention tactics across all channels with the ability to prove the value of every dollar spent. Reach your best customers at scale and without significant investments in time, talent, or financial resources. The only thing you need to do is turn it on.

With Commerce Growth, you can:

  • Understand shoppers better than anyone else with the world’s largest open commerce data set. With access to a massive volume of data, we can translate and simplify shopper intent and identity to accurately predict user behavior and find the people who are most likely to buy from you
  • Focus your spend only on high-intent audiences–whether they’re new to you or an existing customer—to avoid wasted budget and improve return on ad spend (ROAS)
  • Create more meaningful interactions that turn first-time buyers into lifetime customers by enriching your customer and sales data with our shopper data and machine learning
  • Maximize returns with AI that makes the decisions and optimizes campaigns for you–and that’s been built for commerce and trained for 18 years
  • Reach users across the open internet (beyond Google, Facebook and other platforms like Amazon) where the average consumer spends 66% of their online time, and turn to 84% of the time to discover new brands and businesses to buy from
  • Prove the value of your spend, with a solution built to deliver meaningful, measurable outcomes at every stage of the journey
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