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November 14, 2018

The Psychology of Shopping in the UK

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The psychology behind shopping is evolving. A major shift in the consumer mindset is giving rise to three major trends, all on track on track to have a huge impact on the retail industry.

Based on research conducted in partnership with Walnut Unlimited and Academic Anthropologist and Semiotician, Dr. Nick Gadsby, this study explores these behavioural changes and the motivating factors behind them.

From the 40% of UK shoppers seeking pleasure from enhanced ethical credentials to the re-rise of the social shopping trip and self-gifting, this report illustrates the tidal shift that’s seeing more people than ever enjoying shopping – a sentiment that isn’t slowing down.

Learn what the fastest-growing consumer shopping trends are, how they’re becoming mainstream market forces in the UK, and why retailers should start capitalising on them now to build stronger connections with customers in the future.

The survey included 2,000 UK consumers between 31 August and 3 September 2018.

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