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Marketers today face three main challenges: Cross-device mapping, effective personalization, and measurement and attribution. Without mapping devices, browsers and apps to a single user identity, it’s difficult to personalize offers and assess which touch points matter most to your shoppers.

Meet Criteo Shopper Graph

Criteo Shopper Graph is the world’s largest open shopper data set and supports Criteo’s ad solutions for the entire shopper journey: acquisition, conversion, and re-engagement. By taking three key types of granular shopper data — identity, interest, and measurement — Criteo Shopper Graph can help you personalize for what each shopper wants.

billion in annual sales
billion monthly shopper interactions

The Three Data Collectives

Identity Graph

Identity Graph contains over 2 billion cross-device, same-device, and online ids enabling you to unify a shopper’s online and offline shopping profiles.

Shopper Interest

Shopper Interest gives an understanding of shopper interest in your products, especially for new and inactive shoppers, providing visibility across four billion products.

Measurement Data

Measurement Data empowers conversions and sales tracking across retailers, including closed-loop measurement of offline sales driven by online interactions.

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Use data to drive performance


European fashion conglomerate s.Oliver used Criteo Shopper Graph to find the impact of all channels, publishers, and marketing activities. By using Criteo Shopper Graph, s.Oliver measured 62% additional touchpoint and attributed 13% of sales to previously invisible touchpoints.

additional touchpoints
sales from newfound touchpoints


CheapOair used Crito Shopper Graph to capture individual purchase intent across devices, browsers, and apps. As a result, CheapOair has seen a 4% YOY increase in clicks and 196% increase in sales.

YOY increase in clicks
increase in sales

Travel Republic

Travel Republic leveraged Criteo Shopper Graph to add a cross-device perspective and maximize actionable insights from the new model. As a result, they identified 52% additional touchpoints and 42% additional mobile touchpoints.

additional touchpoints
additional mobile touchpoints