Connected TV

Show ads where your audiences are spending more time than ever.

Connect with consumers while they watch their favorite video content. Our solution delivers unparalleled audience reach, scale, and measurement across video and digital environments.

Why marketers love Criteo

Full funnel measurement

Understand the influence your CTV campaigns have on driving traffic to your site and sales throughout the customer journey.

One-stop shop

Enjoy buying efficiencies and holistic reporting across all inventory sources with our one-stop shop for CTV and video inventory. Access better placement opportunities thanks to our strong relationships with SSPs and direct publishers.

Accurate audience targeting

Reach high-quality, in-market audiences while they’re streaming their favorite content with Criteo’s Identity Graph, the world’s largest shopper intent data set.

How it Works

Be seen while they stream

Reach the most relevant audience streaming their favorite content thanks to our Identity graph and LiveRamp partnership. We deliver flexibility when it comes to building the right audience for your brand, utilize Criteo’s rich 1st party data audience solutions, geolocation, contextual targeting, or your own CRM data.

Efficiently execute

Execute your campaigns and manage all global CTV and video inventory from a single platform. Make changes as needed to optimize for the KPIs that matter to you.

Turn views into conversions

Reach users from initial video ad exposure all the way to click and conversion with our Identity Graph and our commerce data from the web, app, and in-store.