The crowded world of online fashion demands distinction. Brands must stand out to succeed.

Turkish-based AVVA has made an assertive debut in men’s fashion. In more than 4,000 stores around the world, AVVA is a franchise that’s growing fast. So what sets AVVA apart from other fashion brands?

“Our entire company strategy is based on responding to changing customer expectations as fast as possible,” says Serkan Saraçoğlu, AVVA’s digital marketing and eCommerce manager. That means being ready for the first moment a customer becomes aware of the brand, through the entire purchase journey.

In a recent rebranding initiative, AVVA enlisted influencers to reach new audiences through TV commercials. From there, AVVA wanted that new brand recognition to turn into actual sales.

“We knew that working with celebrities would have significant returns on branding,” says Serkan. “We expected that our website traffic would increase significantly, but most users would just have a look at the collection and leave the site.”

Transforming brand awareness into sales

The challenge was to connect these campaigns to measurable sales results. Retargeting presented a way to reengage those new visitors who left without making a purchase.

Having a foundation in place was critical. AVVA partnered with Criteo’s Accelerate team to activate a performance-driven solution before the commercials launched.

“Capturing that visitor data and being able to retarget them was crucial to us,” says Serkan.

In addition to traditional retargeting, AVVA also used Criteo’s Similar Audiences feature to target new people who’ve never visited their website but that have behaviors similar to their recent website visitors. Sophisticated product recommendation technology showed them items that would be most likely to bring them to the site to convert.

Through this campaign, AVVA gained 2.2 million new qualified customers. But AVVA didn’t want to stop at a one-time purchase from these visitors. The brand wanted to nurture the relationship and build lifelong customers.

To that end, AVVA activated Criteo’s customer targeting solution to re-engage shoppers.

Using custom coupons that offered personalized discounts to different customer segments, AVVA was able to create a hyper-relevant experience.

With these solutions, the brand was able to move shoppers swiftly through the purchasing journey, from prospects all the way to loyal, repeat customers.

Driving results with omnichannel campaigns

“Criteo was the breakthrough we needed to achieve high volumes of online sales and increase our brand awareness,” said Serkan. “Our Criteo campaigns aligned perfectly with our TV commercials and celebrity endorsement to create a 360-advertising campaign.”

AVVA’s Q1 2019 revenue increased 7.7 times versus Q1 2018, with the same ROI. Approximately 6,000 user sales were generated from all campaigns.

What’s next for AVVA? Serkan believes all brands need to embrace digital transformation. He cited being ready for the next trends in customer experience, whether that’s mobile payments, same-day delivery, or a fully customized experience in-store.

“To meet the expectations of today’s customers, all brands need to adopt an omnichannel approach,” says Serkan. “I would like to thank Criteo for bringing us together with our new customers.”

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increased revenue in Q1 2019 vs. Q1 2018


user sales generated from all campaigns


new users were reached with Criteo Similar Audiences campaign