Today, everything seems readily available online, making it difficult to create a sense of exclusivity for shoppers. Despite this, online private shopping clubs have arisen to great success, by giving their members special access to products at high discounts.

brands4friends offers products from 2,500+ renowned fashion, beauty, and lifestyle brands, discounted up to 90%. A daily newsletter and push notifications keeps members up-to-date on the latest deals and vouchers.

To reach customers wherever they are, brands4friends has evolved a prominent app presence, with nearly 35,000 reviews across the Apple App Store and Google Play.

“Since almost half of our revenue is generated via apps and our app users show high engagement, apps play an important role in our company’s strategy. For that reason, we’re focusing more and more on our app marketing strategy, including the development of app remarketing and app acquisition activities.

–Torsten Wolf, CMO, brands4friends

To keep user growth strong and reengage their existing app audience, brands4friends was looking for a sophisticated solution to add to their app marketing mix.

Expanding their mobile marketing mix

brands4friends was already working with Criteo for their display ad campaigns on the web, when they decided to add in-app display ads to their marketing mix.

“It is important to be aware of how the app userbase behaves differently from web users,” says Torsten. “We recognized that our app users are more loyal, buy more frequently and show more engagement overall.” To keep these valuable users engaged, brands4friends activated a Criteo in-app campaign to drive app traffic and sales.

After setting up measurement with their app-tracking tool, Adjust, brands4friends saw volume increase quickly, in just a few weeks.

Criteo’s in-app dynamic ads brought shoppers back to the brands4friends app with personalized ads, delivered at just the right time and in the right format. Ads directly deep-link shoppers to the most relevant product pages, driving a 3x increase in products browsed per user.

“Criteo’s huge publisher inventory gives us the chance to reach all of our app users to encourage them back to our apps. Along with that, we enjoy the ability to adjust various banner elements (e.g. showing discounts) and the option to promote special activities with coupon overlays.

Criteo’s campaigns have created the opportunity to scale retargeting by itself as well as pushing app traffic and conversions in the end. The campaign has led to the increase of our app revenue share (+7%) and the number of active app users (+10%).

Criteo’s app solution contributes to our marketing strategy by fulfilling the need to push our active app userbase and revenue generated via the apps.”

–Torsten Wolf, CMO, brands4friends

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increase of app revenue share


increase in active app users


increase in products browsed per user