Fotocasa (App Solutions)


Fotocasa is a leading online real estate portal and property website in Spain. Their app generates conversion rates 3x higher than their website, so app advertising is a significantly important channel in their digital strategy. Driving and maintaining customer loyalty in-app was their main objective, so they needed an app partner who could find and retain high-value app users.


Fotocasa has partnered with Criteo since 2014 using app conversion campaigns to keep bringing users back to their app and converting. By using user-level behavior data, Criteo retargets Fotocasa’s app users with fully personalized, dynamic banners in real-time, enticing them to keep coming back to the app, and all importantly, driving conversions.

As Fotocasa see 3x higher conversion rates in-app vs. mobile web they were keen to start using Criteo’s app installs campaigns as soon as they were available, to drive more users to their app. By specifically targeting their mobile web audience, Criteo are able to entice these users to download the app and become regular in-app users by serving them a dynamic, personalized ad that entices them to download the app by first re-directing them to the app store then leveraging deferred deeplinking to go straight to the relevant product page when they open the app for the first time.

With Criteo’s app campaigns, Fotocasa sees the highest user loyalty rate vs. all other paid media channels, which is their key metric when assessing app advertising performance. Fotocasa measures customer loyalty as any user that has visited the app 3 times.


  • 5% higher loyalty rates* vs other app paid media
  • +28% 2eek 12 user retention compared to the channel average

*Fotocasa considers a user to be loyal when they have completed 3 sessions in-app

“In-app is our fastest growing channel and Criteo is our strategic partner of choice for the open web. Their app advertising solutions have been instrumental over the past 2 years in helping us build a loyal app user base and drive conversions, and we plan to continue partnering with them as our app channel grows.”

–Eduardo Muriel, Traffic Acquisition & Mobile Strategy at FotocasaDigital Banking


Higher loyalty rates vs other app paid media


Week 12 user retention compared to the channel average