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Trendyol was looking for a way to maintain an outstanding experience for its app users while maximizing in-app conversions and revenue. Criteo in-app performance ads provided the ideal solution — serving personalized recommendations and relevant ads to some of Trendyol’s most valuable customers.


Criteo’s mobile in-app ads combine real-time customer behavior data with Trendyol‘s own product catalog and creative content. Trendyol’s in-app campaigns serve fully personalized, dynamic banners to users in real-time, with each ad optimized to maximize conversions within Trendyol‘s ROAS goals.


  • Mobile transactions grew from 10% to 24%
  • 10% monthly growth in mobile revenue
  • +25% ROI vs. desktop
  • +60% CTR vs. web
  • +12% CR vs. web

ROI v. desktop


Mobile transactions


Conversion rate v. mobile web