How Wiber Rent a Car drives reservations with automated bidding

Increase in sales
Increase in revenue
Increase in revival rate

Wiber Rent a Car is a new type of car-for-hire company that guarantees transparency, simplicity, and a high-level of customer care. They do all this by applying cutting-edge technology and service throughout the customer journey — from making a reservation to dropping off the vehicle.

Wiber offers convenience to their customers by providing alternatives to waiting at a counter or handling paperwork. Two of their standout solutions include the Wikey Smart Box, where customers can pick up their keys from a designated vending machine, as well as the Wikey Smart Car, that lets customers pick up and drop off their cars only using their mobile phones.

Aside from having an excellent product, Wiber also has a marketing team that continually strives to learn and test new initiatives that further their brand goals. That’s why they partnered with Criteo to increase car reservations in the most efficient way possible.

Generating performance with digital advertising

Wiber and Criteo partnered on conversion-focused retargeting campaigns to generate performance, leveraging Criteo’s automated bidding tool for optimal efficiency. This allowed them to set a target for which Criteo’s engine would optimize their campaign automatically, also taking market data into account.

This brought balance, performance, and stability to Wiber’s campaign without manual implementation and maintenance. Wiber’s Strategic Marketing and Growth Manager, Beatriz Martín describes Criteo’s automated bidding as “an intelligent tool that saves hours of work.” Automated bidding also helped maintain a stable cost per opportunity before, during, and after Black Friday, helping Wiber maximize sales efficiently.

The campaign increased revenue, sales, and revival rate all while maintaining initial cost per opportunity (CPO). When asked why Wiber chose Criteo, Martín says, “I have used several retargeting tools, including Google, and Criteo has always been the one that brought us the best performance.”

A partnership for long-term success

Wiber and Criteo’s partnership allows for strategic collaboration to solve current and future needs. When asked about working with Criteo, Martín said, “I like that me, as the marketing manager, can delegate all the operational work to the Criteo team and only focus on the results. I trust my rep and the [automated bidding] completely.”

Wiber is always looking to optimize their consumer journey. When thinking about the future of their strategy, Martín said, “We will definitely continue using Criteo for lower and mid funnel.”

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