If you’re a retailer, you know that there’s plenty of advice on how to sell during peak season. Strategies for Black Friday, Christmas or national holidays are everywhere. But how can savvy retailers stay sharp when the hectic holiday shopping season ends?

Criteo’s new podcast, AdTalk, has the answers.

Mark your calendars – AdTalk: Off Season Success launches November 22nd. Filled with top marketing trends, tips, and tactics, this podcast is the antidote to retail’s post-holiday slump.

Featuring experts from L’Oreal’s La Roche-Posay, Nike’s Converse, and other leading names in retail, we’re certain that you’ll walk away with practical and insightful advice for driving sales, customer enthusiasm and brand loyalty all year long.

To start, each episode of the four-part series will dive deep into these retail categories: beauty, sporting goods, home goods, and toys & games.

We’ll be discussing cutting-edge marketing technologies, internationalizing brands, finding the best channels to communicate with customers, and how to get people coming back time and time again.

No matter which area of retail you work in, listen in to learn about the future of retail marketing and gain a clear understanding of what success will look like.

Register now to access the first episode, and subscribe to our marketing communications to access the entire series for the November 22nd launch.

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