Criteo Omnichannel: Unlock the Power of Your Offline Data

Criteo’s omnichannel retail solution can help you find your in-store customers online and combine their offline and online activity to deliver more personalized ...
Updated on September 29, 2023

Today, being a successful omnichannel retailer requires having both a physical and online presence, offering buy-online-pick-up-in-store options, maintaining a safe in-store experience and much more. Beyond that, consumers want to see that you’re connecting the dots of their shopping journey. It’s about understanding what they’re looking for right now, marrying that with what they’ve bought in the past (both in-store and online), and knowing when and where they are most likely to convert.

The goal of omnichannel marketing is to reach consumers across touchpoints—both offline and online—to create a consistent, unified experience. Rather than trying to drive sales on one specific channel, it seeks to use all data points to drive conversions anywhere and everywhere that a consumer wants to transact. It’s about being present when and where it will be most meaningful, rather than simply just being present everywhere.

To do this right, retailers need omnichannel solutions that can help them break down silos, connect data, and accurately identify their customers across channels and environments.

Using your in-store data to build better online experiences

Retailers’ physical stores have a treasure trove of customer and sales data. But, when those shoppers go online, most of them become invisible to the retailer and their in-store purchases disappear from the picture.

With an omnichannel retail solution like Criteo’s, you can find your in-store customers online, and combine their offline and online activity to deliver more personalized digital ads.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Connect your offline data with the Criteo Shopper Graph to find your customers online. With over 2B unique online user profiles and deterministic matching technology, you’ll find up to 90% of your customers and accurately link them across devices and channels. This will give you a complete picture of each individual’s shopping journey, including in-store interactions, browsing interests, and in-market intent signals.
  1. Use both online and offline activity to then determine each customer’s true value. Our technology will set bids and optimize campaigns based on each customer’s likelihood to convert, regardless of whether it’s online or offline. This maximizes your ROI and makes sure you’re capturing opportunities that would have been missed without the offline piece of the puzzle.
  1. Deliver hyper-personalized ads based on SKU-level data and the individual consumer’s shopping journey – not just your most popular products. Dynamic creative optimization technology will build ads using ad creative and store info that’s personalized for each shopper. These performance-based ads will drive action, such as a store visit, with reports that will clearly show you how your digital campaigns impacted sales and visits across all sales channels.

Growing total revenue with a connected journey

When you combine your offline and online data, you can increase omnichannel revenue in several different ways:

  • Re-engage in-store shoppers online.

These are shoppers who show a preference to buy in your store, but who also spend time browsing, working, and socializing online. With Commerce Max, you can find your in-store shoppers online where they’re researching their purchase options and use what you know about their offline activity (like transactions and preferred location) to bring them back to your store to make another purchase.

  • Convert offline customers to high-value omnichannel customers.

Did you know that 80% of your in-store shoppers don’t visit your website? Now, you can reach them online and inspire them to buy from your online store. By transitioning your single channel shoppers into omnishoppers you can see up to 13% higher Average Order Value (AOV).

  • Acquire new customers using additional offline intent signals.

Your store customers aren’t the only consumers who prefer buying in-person. Criteo uses other in-market signals to identify and acquire customers who are likely to buy from your stores.

An omnichannel retail solution for more effective advertising

Criteo Omnichannel can help you use your offline shopping signals to deliver more personalized digital ads to your best customers. The world’s largest open shopper data set, sophisticated AI, and a comprehensive list of partners make launching and optimizing a campaign simple. And with transparent reporting that shows the impact of your digital campaigns on sales and visits across all sales channels, you’ll clearly see the results of your omnichannel efforts.

Ready to grow your omnichannel revenue? Learn more about Criteo’s omnichannel solutions.

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