Criteo and Twilio Segment Partner to Drive Growth through Acquisition and Retention Strategies

Criteo and Segment have partnered up to help companies not only achieve, but surpass, their engagement goals.  

A personalized and seamless customer experience has never been more important than it is today. Named the #1 customer data platform (CDP) by IDC, Twilio Segment, helps over 20,000 major businesses deliver just that. By using Segment’s software and APIs to collect, clean, and activate customer data (from different sources and towards multiple destinations) enterprise companies such as FOX, IBM, Anheuser-Busch, and more are serving up world-class customer experiences every day. Pairing this customer data powerhouse with Criteo, the leading global commerce media company with over 725 million daily active users, was an easy call. The value of the Segment x Criteo combination will help companies not only achieve, but surpass, their engagement goals.   

Responding to a New Age of Customer Expectations  

As the industry is well aware, the Covid-19 pandemic has permanently changed the way people shop. The process from research stage to purchase decision has been completely revamped. With customer expectations of a truly personalized online experience accelerated, and more organizations collecting crucial zero and first-party data, brands are expected to communicate with their audiences when/where/how the shopper prefers. Plus, with the most relevant content for that given individual. Segment x Criteo provides brands with the ability to accomplish exactly this. Through this integration, mutual customers can now use Segment’s custom audiences to retain and expand their reach. Users will be able to take their targeting strategy to a whole new level.   

How this Integration leads to more Successful Campaigns  

What exactly is the Segment x Criteo customer gaining? At the broadest level, a better understanding of their audience to activate a precise, personalized, and minutely targeted ad campaign. More specifically, these mutual customers will be able to create unified audience profiles, re-engage inactive or lapsed customer personas, drive lifetime value by encouraging repeat purchases, and up-sell or cross-sell existing customers to build even greater brand loyalty. These audiences are defined based on interaction data collected across devices and channels—ie: a look at how “x” target individual interacted with an organization’s own website, mobile app, and cloud apps. Segment x Criteo customers will be able to use this data to build, enrich, activate, and sync audiences across their marketing and advertising tool stack.  

In the words of Technology Partner Manager, Timothy Koeth, “Segment is thrilled for the release of our new & improved integration partnership with Criteo. Building on our existing app & web events integration, Criteo & Segment, together, will enable our mutual customers to seamlessly activate their Segment Audiences data into Criteo’s Commerce Media Platform to provide an even better, more engaging experience to reach consumers. Segment is all about breaking down data silos; our partnership with Criteo will help us continue to do just that.” 

“The most successful campaigns always include a well-defined audience. Together, Segment & Criteo can help customers achieve exactly that. Our integration is seamless to set-up and delivers real, tangible results. I look forward to continued success with the Segment team and a strong partnership moving forward to help all our clients achieve their goals,” said Matthew Hogg, SVP of Partnerships at Criteo.

Take a step beyond the basics of retargeting, and learn how to reach and engage your prospective customer through their end-to-end purchase journey with Segment x Criteo. Learn more about getting started by visiting this page or reach out directly to

Lindsey Sacco

Lindsey is a marketing and events professional specializing in brand strategy and management, special event coordination, copywriting and more. She is currently based in New York City and enjoys travel, fancy coffees, CT beaches (I know) and her cat, Sonny.

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