Criteo Virtual Series: Holiday Planning for an Exceptional 2020

Updated on October 5, 2020

In the midst of a very special year, many businesses are wondering how peak shopping season will pan out. Will Amazon Prime Day happen in October? What if stores remain closed? Will Black Friday and Cyber Monday merge into one big, giant, online shopping extravaganza?

When it comes to the holiday trends in 2020, many questions still remain, but one thing is certain: Holiday 2020 will be unlike any other. That’s why here at Criteo, we developed a series of six virtual events to help brands, retailers, agencies, and publishers prepare for every scenario.

From unpacking the latest consumer behaviors and brand marketing strategies to leveraging your app, video, and customer data effectively, each session’s agenda is packed with exclusive insights and takeaways to help businesses succeed.

In this online-only event, experts across business operations, insights and analytics, strategic partnerships and the publisher landscape come together to share the biggest holiday 2020 trends to watch and how to approach advertising campaigns throughout the season.

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Here’s what you can look forward to:

Session 1: Consumer Behaviors to Expect this Holiday Season

Tuesday, September 15, 12 PM EDT

Holiday shopping usually consists of long lines, jam-packed malls, and doorbuster deals. But we already know that 2020 will be different: major retailers have already announced they’ll be closed on Thanksgiving night. Are Black Friday store closures imminent as well? If so, how will consumers shop instead?

In the first session of our six-part series, we’ll discuss how retailers can compensate for the loss of foot traffic and still win this holiday season.

You’ll learn:

  • Where consumers are shopping now
  • How to prepare for the new holiday shopping experience
  • How to deliver a seamless cross-channel experience and drive customer loyalty

Session 2: How Brands Can Plan for Earlier Than Expected Shopper Demand This Holiday Season

Wednesday, September 16, 12 PM EDT

When it comes time to start holiday shopping, how can brands get the new customers they acquired to think of them first?

In this session, we’ll walk through strategies that can engage and retain shoppers for the holidays and beyond.

You’ll walk away knowing:

  • Browsing and purchasing trends for top product categories
  • When to start investing to win key holiday events
  • How to budget for increased costs and competition

Session 3: Capturing the Omnishopper

Thursday, September 17, 12 PM EDT

Thirty percent of Americans downloaded at least one shopping or streaming app during the peak of the coronavirus outbreak.

Across generations, people have embraced digital shopping and entertainment more than ever in response to stay-at-home orders. As holiday shopping ramps up, we expect those digital behaviors to continue.

In the third installment of our virtual series, experts will share their recommendations for app, CTV, and omnichannel strategies, so you can put them to work for you this holiday.

In this panel discussion, you’ll find out:

  • How to use app, video, and customer data effectively during the holidays
  • The top trends and best practices on every channel

Session 4: Creating an Impactful Brand Experience Across Channels

Tuesday, September 22, 12 PM EDT

In an always-on world, consumers are constantly engaging with your brand across multiple channels. How do you create a consistent and memorable experience, no matter where your consumers find you?

In this session, we’ll chat with Criteo executives and Will Margaritis, Senior Vice President, Head of Ecommerce at Reprise Digital about how to build a marketing strategy that connects your ecommerce presence to your larger brand experience.

Join to learn this and more:

  • Ways to connect the dots between all your marketing channels
  • Best practices for planning your strategy this unpredictable holiday season
  • How Reprise Digital has built integrated experiences for large gaming, toy, CPG and apparel brands

Session 5: The Supply Side of Your Holiday Strategy

Wednesday, September 23, 12 PM EDT

Brands want to reach as many shoppers as possible during the holiday season, but fierce competition and concerns about brand safety and fraud make it hard for advertisers to get the exposure they’re looking for.

In the fifth installment of our virtual series, Lindsey Marshall, Director of Publisher Partnerships, US from the Criteo Supply team, shares how advertisers can diversify their portfolio to get the most reach possible this season, while ensuring quality and combating invalid traffic.

Join to learn about:

  • How Criteo gets prioritized inventory from publishers
  • Which new inventory options to add to your strategy
  • How publishers are preparing for the holiday season
  • What impact social distancing and the 2020 election will have on holiday advertising

Session 6: How Location Data Can Help Marketers Optimize for an Exceptional Holiday Season

Thursday, September 24, 12 PM EDT

As consumers begin to re-emerge in a new normal, retail marketers need to rely on data to build omnichannel marketing strategies that provide reliability and stability during a potentially volatile holiday 2020 season.

With an understanding of both online and real-world shopping habits, Criteo and PlaceIQ help marketers create a consistent strategy set up to meet their KPIs, adjust to near-term changes, focus their messaging, and effectively allocate spend during their busiest season.

In this final webinar of our virtual series, we’ll discuss:

  • How marketers can monitor consumer activity online and in-store around the holidays and adjust to meet changing needs
  • Solutions for segmenting audiences and focusing messaging based specifically on activity and purchases
  • What brands should be measuring and optimizing against to limit waste and drive purchases

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An Exceptional Holiday 

Many things will be different this holiday season, but we know that one thing will stay the same: the holiday spirit. However people buy this season, it’s up to brands and retailers to make sure that the experience is as wonderful as the holidays themselves. To do that, marketers need to understand what makes this holiday unique and how consumers are adapting.

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