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Get an inside look at the R&D efforts we've been undertaking to improve our clients' marketing performance.  
Updated on September 26, 2023

Delivering industry leading outcomes is a top priority for Criteo, and we recognize that privacy regulations and identity challenges are impacting the results advertisers have come to expect from their partners. Economic headwinds and the pressure to do more with less are also making it harder to achieve desired results. We’ve heard about these challenges directly from our clients, who are dealing with a projected increase in the cost of digital advertising of nearly 11% this year.  

We’re committed to helping our clients navigate and adapt to these changes. To help them optimize performance in this new environment, we’ve been expanding our R&D efforts and integrating cutting edge machine learning and AI technology to improve other parts of our technology stack and improve their marketing performance.  

Today, we’re excited to share the steps we’ve taken and the steps our clients can proactively take to maximize the performance of their campaigns.  

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Criteo’s Newest Innovations and Results 

In addition to providing new audiences, new ad formats, identity-proof solutions, and other efforts dedicated to improving performance, we’ve made more than a dozen updates to our AI technology over the past 6 months to improve our product recommendation and traffic acquisition models. This has resulted in a 10% average increase in campaign performance and ROI improvements of up to 25% for some of our clients. 

To achieve this level of performance, we harnessed the power of our advanced AI engine and vector databases, a sophisticated technology that drives much of the GPT AI, or more colloquially, generative AI. Last quarter, we shared how applying this innovative approach – already used to power major parts of our product line – to retargeting campaigns improved all engagement metrics for clients.  

Below are more details on what we improved and how clients can take advantage of it:   

Enhanced user personalization:

We added capabilities and signals to our AI algorithms to offer more precise product recommendations and pinpoint relevant products for specific user sets. The algorithm reuses this information for similar users in the future, connecting users with the products they’re most likely to engage with.  

  • What clients can do:  
    • If you have a product catalog, leverage dynamic, showcase and adaptive ad formats to quickly incorporate new product additions, maximizing relevancy in your recommendations and driving higher engagement and conversions.  

Improved user targeting:

We updated algorithms to better predict future buying behavior of each individual user. We also improved the efficiency of user-based bidding by adjusting how a user who is eligible to be targetable by multiple campaigns is evaluated in the arbitrage. 

  • What clients can do:
    • Run an always-on full funnel strategy, with campaigns intended to capture users throughout their customer journey.

Enhanced acquisition performance:

We allowed for bidding algorithms to drive more efficient performance for acquisition campaigns by retaining users in the same campaign for longer. This allows you to improve acquisition campaign performance without negatively impacting retargeting. 

  • What clients can do:  
    • Test and learn! Use the power of AI and ML to find your next best customers when they’re in market to buy your products. Try automated strategies like prospecting campaigns to acquire new site traffic and customers.  
    • Add targeted approaches like custom audiences or seasonal audiences during important times of the year if you have specific marketing goals. 

Enhanced campaign efficiency:

We updated our learning models across algorithms to account for each client’s unique attribution specifications and improved our ability to predict site visits and sales 

  • What clients can do:  
    • Control ad set spend by using target or budget based automated bidding rather than CPC based bid management. 
    • Remove unnecessary ad set limitations, allowing AI engines the best opportunity to maximize performance. 

Our top priority is making sure that clients can reach new and existing customers with relevancy, drive meaningful results, and measure performance while respecting their customers’ privacy preferences. We’re confident the steps we’ve taken will deliver ongoing value now and in the future. 

Reach out to your Criteo contact or Sales Representative to learn more about Criteo. 

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