Machine Learning in the Future: A Timeline

Machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) will continue to grow and play an ever-larger role in our lives.

What’s the past, present, and future state of machine learning? Find out in our timeline.

There’s no question that machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) will continue to grow and play an ever-larger role in our lives. But how much and how quickly remains to be seen. Here’s a possible timeline of what we can look forward to…

Coming soon:

  • Your morning commute, navigated by a robot. (Safer, driverless cars mean less stress and no more fighting for a parking spot!)
  • Your retirement plan, mapped out by a robot. (The smartest investments, customized just for you.)
  • Your lunch salad, tossed by a robot. (Finally, the perfect amount of dressing, every single time.)
  • Your Sunday football game, refereed by a robot. (More accurate penalties and foul calls for the win.)

Not far off:

  • Your house, cleaned by Rosie the Robot. (Hello, floors that sparkle!)
  • Your vitals, checked by a virtual doctor. (Looking good, Smiles Davis.)
  • Scientific research, conducted by bots. (Who knows what discoveries lie in the mountains of data that have been compiled over the years?)
  • Space and the deep ocean, explored by bots. (Finally, we can unlock the secrets of the last of the uncharted territories!)

Happening someday…maybe:

    • Your body, cured from the inside by nanobots. (Fewer surgeries and invasive treatments makes for happier, healthier patients.)
    • Climate change, solved by AI. (Perhaps we won’t have to move to the moon, after all.)
    • Humans and robots merge into superhuman cyborgs. (Will this be better…or worse? You decide.)

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