[Video] A Retail Media Moment with Publicis Groupe’s Chadi Saab

Watch Chadi Saab, Head of Omni-Channel Commerce for Publicis Groupe, share insights on why Retail Media is a full-funnel marketing strategy.

When it comes to Retail Media, there may be unsung benefits that don’t immediately come to mind for advertisers and retailers.

Retail Media is often linked to lower-funnel conversion campaigns, but in our latest Retail Media Moment episode, Chadi Saab, VP, Head of Omni-Channel Commerce for Publicis Groupe North America highlights Retail Media’s opportunities across the entire purchase funnel.

Chadi also highlights the opportunity of retailer data — not only for advertisers to better understand consumer behavior — but for non-endemic brands (or brands whose products aren’t directly linked to the retailer) to also make predictions that support shoppers’ lifestyles. This can include travel brands learning about audience segments who are planning a trip.

Aside from his Retail Media knowledge, Chadi also carries wisdom and memories from living all around the world, including Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Chicago, and New York City. He even shares which of his beloved possessions needs to move with him — wherever he goes. Watch the video below to find out what it is!

The core pillars of Retail Media are the first-party retailer data, the ads themselves, and the measurement that helps close the loop on the buying journey. And Chadi explains that all of these pillars work together in a way that encourages shoppers through the purchase funnel in the most seamless and natural way possible.

His question for Retail Media players? “In the Retail Media space, how do you define and measure success?”

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