Why Retail Sites Are Fast Becoming Trusted Advertising Channels

Brand safety has always been top-of-mind for advertisers. Find out why brands are looking to retailer sites as a new trusted channel.
Updated on April 11, 2023

Brand safety has always been top-of-mind for advertisers, but with the rampant spread of fake news and misinformation, many are now updating their marketing mix to grow their brand in completely secure environments. That’s why brands are shifting their advertising budgets from social walled gardens to other digital channels, such as retailer sites, which give them more control and guarantee that their ads won’t appear alongside hate speech or false information. Through Retail Media, or branded ads on retailer and ecommerce marketplace sites, brands can access this high-performing, 100% safe inventory.

Advertising on retailer’s sites uniquely addresses brand safety concerns, as the site content is purely related to products, which eliminates the chance of brands’ ads being positioned near negative messaging. It also has the inherent benefit of allowing brands to reach shoppers while they’re already in a shopping mindset, near the point of purchase. For brands looking to be more intentional with their marketing and relocate their advertising budgets to brand-safe sites, Retail Media provides the opportunity to do so.

Beyond the brand safety benefits, Retail Media has gained momentum in recent years since it delivers brand and product awareness alongside great performance to engaged online audiences. It’s also been increasingly important this year, as more shoppers around the globe turn to online shopping in the wake of the pandemic.

This behavior shift is likely here to stay, as confirmed through our recent “Peak to Recovery” Survey of more than 13,500 shoppers worldwide that shows 53% of shoppers have discovered at least one form of online shopping during COVID-19 — and are likely to continue with it. This survey also showed that four out of 10 shoppers worldwide discovered at least one new online store during the pandemic, showing that shoppers are open to new retail options that can help get them what they need safely and efficiently.

The growth of online shopping makes it more important for brands to ensure all digital interactions with shoppers are positive and seamless. Through Retail Media, brands can build those experiences through the native Sponsored Products ad format, as well as the premium display banners of Commerce Display. Both format options present brands’ ads alongside organic site content, for a consistent and uninterrupted browsing experience that fosters trust and loyalty.

Retail Media helps brands receive more product visibility on ecommerce sites that replicates what they can do in a physical store, while tying advertising campaigns to sales results at the SKU level. This enables the transition of an engaging in-store experience to a digital medium that encourages new and existing shoppers to keep returning time after time. It’s also simple for brands to activate ads using existing creative assets or imagery assembled from a retailer’s feed.

In these times, when so much is unknown and out of their control, brands can take control, knowing with unparalleled certainty that their integrity is upheld through Retail Media. This not only helps maintain the positive awareness and equity they’ve spent countless hours building, but also lets them be more intentional with their budget by not supporting platforms that allow for misinformation or hate speech of any kind. It’s one step towards a better outcome for brands, as well as society.

Read on for more information on how Criteo’s Retail Media helps drive brand-safe results for marketers.

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Geoffroy Martin

Geoffroy Martin is Executive Vice President and General Manager, Growth Portfolio at Criteo and is responsible for incubating, operating and growing adjacent businesses within the company. As part of this role, he oversees Criteo’s Retail Media Division, managing everything from sales to product ...

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