Commerce Media

An approach to digital advertising that combinescommerce data and intelligence totarget consumers throughouttheir shopping journey and help marketers and media owners drive commerceoutcomes (sales, revenue, leads). 

Commerce media enables marketers to deliver relevant ads at all stages from discovery, to consideration and conversion, while driving measurable commerce outcomes at each stage.

Commerce media also helps media owners (publishers and retailers) monetize their first-party data, create new offerings to satisfy their advertisers’ needs, and find revenue necessary to continue to create content and experiences.​

It’s an ecosystem where marketers, media owners, and consumers all mutually benefit.

Commerce media:

  • Uses large-scale commerce data (transactions, intent) to inform marketing decisions, improve targeting, createefficient, effective ads, and deliver richer consumer experiences.​  
  • Requires intelligencethat can analyze and apply commerce data to deliverricher consumer experiences.​ 
  • Works for both marketersandmedia owners.It helps all parties increase digital advertising returns by bringing consumers to brands, audiences to publishers, and brands to retailers.  
  • Isn’t just for retail ecommerce.It works for all other online commerce such as travel, real estate, automotive, and any industry where commerce outcomescan be tracked.​ 
  • Is full-funnel. It reaches consumers from discovery through to purchase.
  • Is omnichannel.It can drive online resultsanddrive in-store visits and sales.
  • Is trackable to desired outcomes, to see the direct impact of digital campaigns on KPIs. 
  • Is open.Commerce media connects marketers and media owners on the open internet where a majority of consumers do their shopping, essentially creating an open internet marketplace.