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What You Need to Know to Win the Holiday Shopper in 2018

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You know people buy gifts across the holiday season. But do you know when or where? Or what’s important to the gift-shoppers when they’re searching and evaluating gift ideas?

Shopping for yourself is fundamentally different than shopping for others. As you start planning out your holiday strategy, you have to take into account exactly how each individual shopper is buying and how that’s different from off-peak tactics. Retail and ecommerce is slowly moving away from the big shopping holidays and, instead, retailers and brands are launching deals as early as October.

That’s why you need to understand the psychology and behavior of holiday shoppers as much as the days they favor most.

In “What You Need to Know to Win the Holiday Shopper in 2018”, Criteo & Loop Commerce are coming together to shed light on the trends to expect for this coming season. With Criteo’s unparalleled access to transaction-level, omnichannel data and Loop Commerce’s deep consumer insights into gifting behavior across factors like gender, merchandise, price sensitivity, return drivers, and purchase timing, this presentation will offer a comprehensive look at today’s holiday shopper.

You’ll learn:

  • 2017 Holiday Trends recap
  • Predictions for 2018
  • Consumer insights across gender, pricing, gifting, and more
  • Strategic recommendations