Criteo Helps Marketers Boost Incremental Sales with Dynamic Email Retargeting

Solution Leverages Criteo’s Universal Match Technology to Send Behavior-Based Recommendations via Email

New York – May 19, 2016 – Criteo (NASDAQ: CRTO), the performance marketing technology company, today introduced Criteo Dynamic Email. Powered by Criteo’s Universal Match technology, this email retargeting solution utilizes unparalleled reach and scale to help marketers significantly increase sales by delivering product recommendations based on previous browsing behavior. Criteo Dynamic Email enables clients to email personalized recommendations to audiences within and outside of their customer base to drive conversion. The product marks an evolution in email marketing by moving away from mass distributed messages and toward offers curated for individuals.

For consumers, email is often the preferred method of communication from brands. Criteo Performance metrics show that email conversion rates are five times higher than social media and 1.5 times higher than non-personalized display advertising. However, today’s email marketing campaigns lack behavioral personalization, creating an opportunity for marketers to attract and re-engage consumers. Criteo’s Universal Match technology pairs anonymous data with third party permission-based email addresses from Criteo’s publisher network to reach new consumers who have demonstrated interest in a brand and its products.

Criteo Dynamic Email with eBags
Above: Example of an eBags retargeted email to a consumer powered by 
Criteo Dynamic Email.



“For eBags, email is one of the strongest communication channels with our customers, and the place where we see the most interaction on a day-to-day basis,” says Larry Sweeney, search marketing manager at eBags. “We activated Criteo Dynamic Email to complement our in-house promotional emails and extend reach to new audiences outside of our existing customer base. The integration was seamless, and after implementing Criteo Dynamic Email, we saw open rates increase to over 30 percent and click-through rates to over 25 percent, which we’re very pleased with.”

Criteo Dynamic Email complements a client’s existing email solution to deliver the most relevant and personalized product recommendations. By targeting consumers across multiple devices based on individual browsing behavior, purchase history and engagement patterns, brands in the US see an average open rate of close to 25 percent and an average click-through rate of 27 percent.

“We believe that relevant, timely communications drive performance, engagement, and ultimately, conversions for our clients,” says Michael Steckler, executive vice president and general manager of email at Criteo. “We’ve seen extraordinary success from Criteo Dynamic Retargeting on desktop and mobile display, and we expect to see similar results from recommendations on our Dynamic Email product.”

Continued Commitment to User Privacy

Deepening our commitment to user privacy, Criteo has partnered with UnsubCentral, the industry’s leading solution for email compliance and opt-out management.UnsubCentral provides advertisers, networks and agencies with the necessary tools needed to comply with the CAN-SPAM Act by allowing them to securely manage opt-out and customer lists across third party partners. This partnership guarantees consent and privacy for new consumers and their data.

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