In this IDC Link research by Karsten Weide, Program VP of Media & Entertainment (@KarstenW) at IDC, Weide advises both marketers and competitors to take note of Criteo’s recent development. We can’t help but agree.

On Tuesday, October 10, 2017, Criteo announced the launch of two new products: Criteo Customer Acquisition and Criteo Audience Match. Combined with Criteo Dynamic Retargeting, the company now enables commerce marketers to reach customers at three stages of their relationship: when they are acquiring prospects (acquisition), convincing them to purchase something (conversion), and once they’ve become customers, going back to them to sell more products (re-engagement).

Criteo Customer Acquisition is designed to acquire new customers by targeting display ads and product recommendations at them, using Criteo’s Shopper Graph data. Criteo Audience Match makes it easier for marketers to re-engage existing customers by allowing them to match customer relationship management (CRM) data they own with Criteo’s data, thus creating richer profiles on them. The company also announced the Criteo Commerce Ecosystem, comprised of its existing and the new products, and its consumer database, Criteo Shopper Graph.

Since last year, Criteo has been transforming itself from a pure retargeting solution provider into a commerce marketing ecosystem, with a focus is on helping commerce marketers, at both brands and at retailers, drive sales and support performance. Learn more, and find out the two reasons why Karsten Weide of IDC believes Criteo is well positioned for future growth.