Creative Crash Course: How to Adapt Your Ad Creative for the New Consumer

Get creative strategies to help you build more impactful campaigns and create ads that are relevant to the 2020 customer journey.

Need inspiration to help you adapt your ad creative to the new normal? Looking for the latest consumer trends to help you make the right creative decisions?

In today’s difficult market, advertisers need to find a balance between standing out and driving results and being sensitive to consumer needs.

Watch our on-demand webinar presented by Yara Zeidan, senior creative consultant at Criteo, to learn how to evolve your ad creative. We look at the biggest shifts in consumer behavior according to Criteo research and provide creative guidelines to help you increase engagement and reach your campaign goals.

You’ll walk away with:

  • The top consumer behavior changes in 2020
  • How to adapt and build a relevant creative strategy
  • Ad creative examples for the new normal

Yara Zeidan
Yara Zeidan
Senior Creative Consultant