Shopify Plus

Drive consumer engagement with cutting-edge technology. Criteo and Shopify Plus have partnered together to make it easier for you to grow your ecommerce businesses.

Our Partnership

Take advantage of Criteo’s expansive global reach and best-in-class technology to target users across all channels and devices, and quickly scale your business. We’ve joined the Shopify Plus Technology Partner Program to deliver Criteo’s scalable solutions to high-growth, high-volume retailers and merchants.

How the Shopify Plus Technology Partner Program Works for You

Scale Your Business Faster

Grow your business faster while focusing on doing what you do best. Best-in-class ecommerce and advertising technologies empower you to compete with industry giants at a global scale.

Bring Shoppers Back to Buy

Re-engage customers throughout their path to purchase with personalized dynamic ads designed to provide a superior shopping experience. Criteo’s retargeting solution re-engages shoppers across marketing channels to bring high-quality traffic and sales to your online store.

Broaden Your Reach

Connect with more consumers. This partnership lets you tap into Criteo’s performance-based marketing strategies and expansive global reach to target users across channels and devices.

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