BBM worked with Criteo to pair its 63 million active users with quality advertisers using cutting-edge shopper data and increased overall CTR by over 50%.

Overall CTR
Daily revenue increase
CTR for retail-related ads


As one of the largest social mobile networks in the world, and by far the largest in Indonesia, BBM boasts 63 million monthly active users, who together send about 17 billion messages per day. But with the bulk of their revenue coming from advertising—and their ad requests topping 2 billion daily—they needed sharper, more accurate insights into those users’ customer journey, in order to provide advertisers with more effective information and users with a more relevant ad experience. They also needed to be able to do so quickly, in order to stay competitive in the fast-paced mobile messaging market.


By partnering with Criteo, BBM was able to apply Criteo’s cutting-edge retargeting technology and crucial customer insight data to optimize their inventory pricing. The alliance gave them access to Criteo’s premium advertiser network while helping them monetize the right impressions at the right value.


In just 12 months with Criteo, BBM was able to:

  • Boost their click-through rate for retail-related ads by 50%
  • Increase their overall click-through rates by more than 50%
  • Grow their daily revenue by 50%, thanks in large part to new access to high-quality advertisers

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