How Cdiscount increased product awareness by 30% with video advertising

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Cdiscount is known as an ecommerce empire — not only in their native France, but internationally as well. The brand has a tremendous following, with one-third of the French population visiting their website each month. Offering more than 60 million products, the monolith merchant is well known for their wares, but over the years they’ve expanded into new services.

These new offerings include energy and mobile phone services, as well as a leisure, travel and ticketing service. Expanding their portfolio in today’s busy ecosystem helps them stand out from their competitors and provide more value to their customers. But, since they’re primarily known for retail, they needed to do something new to build awareness for their new travel service, Cdiscount Voyages.

Engaging Cdiscount customers with sight, sound, and motion

Cdiscount was already achieving high performance with Criteo on their lower-funnel conversion campaigns. It was an easy decision to team up again to trial a new video solution for the Cdiscount Voyages awareness campaign.

Florent Guibert, head of branding, media, and social media at Cdiscount says, “We chose Criteo for this campaign in order to be able to precisely target a number of web surfers or consumers who were keen on traveling. And with the video strategy we applied to travel, it allowed us to reach audiences that are less easy to reach via more traditional media.”

Cdiscount was looking for an awareness campaign that would also deliver engagement. Criteo helped them achieve that by targeting high-quality audiences showing travel intent across premium publishers on the open internet, in addition to retargeting previously engaged audiences.

Florent elaborates, “Criteo’s video solution allows us to reach additional audiences and also to retarget audiences that have already had exposure via TV and video, increasing awareness and repeats of our video plans.” Florent goes on to say, “As an e-merchant, you’re always torn between branding and performance… I believe that, for this type of video format, the solutions offered by Criteo let us reconcile the two, let us have a branding objective, with awareness and top-of-mind uplift, while allowing us to look for performance and traffic for our Cdiscount Voyages service.”

Scaling success

Cdiscount’s first trial with Criteo’s video awareness solution was a success. Florent says, “We saw that before and after the campaign with the people exposed to the video format there was an awareness uplift of more than 30%.”

This type of success is something that Cdiscount and Criteo plan to replicate as Cdiscount develops new services for their customers.

“Relations between Criteo and Cdiscount are very good… We have a culture and DNA in common. That facilitates relations and development, whether it’s [proof of concept] or of longer-term solutions.”

When looking towards the future, Florent says, “Given the results of this trial with video formats, I can’t wait for this partnership to be developed, for us to build it through discussion and the search for new solutions. That’s what’s exciting. It’s not just about taking a solution and putting content in… It’s about building it together.”

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