Domain used Criteo to increase the sophistication of their retargeting strategy and easily scaled their campaigns without any CPA inflation.

Growth of leads generated
Performance of retargeting


As part of their lead generation strategy, Domain was looking for a retargeting partner that was open, transparent, and had the expertise to produce incremental ROI. The Domain team managed print insertions, websites, mobile sites, and apps. They needed an accessible, collaborative retargeting partner with cross-platform proficiency.


Criteo’s open, transparent approach, combined with Domain’s full access to Criteo’s attentive, service-oriented team, created an environment for efficient collaboration.


After partnering with Criteo, Domain successfully:

  • Executed efficient, scalable campaigns, without increasing the cost-per-acquisition (CPA)
  • Boosted overall lead generation significantly compared to Domain’s previous partners
  • Improved the sophistication of their retargeting approach

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