Feira da Madrugada SP

For resellers, having a reliable source of inventory is key. Brazil’s Feira da Madrugada SP helps resellers reach inventory from untapped sources.

Today, Feira da Madrugada SP is a main channel to source products from São Paulo’s Brás and Bom Retiro districts. These downtown districts have an abundance of bulk products, but many resellers are wary of venturing into the area.

Feira da Madrugada SP was born more than seven years ago to fill that gap. Founded by CEO Jeferson Ivo, he sought to open up these markets to bulk buyers and resellers. With 150,000 customers and growing, Feira da Madrugada SP has been highly successful.

Always innovating, Feira da Madrugada SP decided to add Criteo to their marketing mix. Feira da Madrugada SP began partnering with Criteo three years ago, using display ad campaigns to reengage customers and stay top of mind.

Jeferson discovered Criteo through seeing display ads while browsing the internet. He thought Criteo’s ads were interesting compared to what he was seeing from others. “I clicked on the Ad Choices icon to find out which company it was,” says Jeferson. “After that, I began investing in Criteo’s ad solutions and I’ve never stopped.”

A success built on partnership

To provide Jeferson and Feira da Madrugada SP all of the tools to exceed, Criteo’s Accelerate team was hands-on from the start. The Accelerate team focuses on small businesses and growing enterprises, making sure every aspect of a campaign is set up for success, including on-brand creatives, bid optimizations, and more.

“The Accelerate team is always available for any issues and even suggestions for improvements in our campaigns,” says Jeferson. “This trust that exists between both parties is an indicator of our excellent relationship, which is why we think twice about evaluating other market tools.”

Since partnering with Criteo, Feira da Madrugada SP has used campaigns to reach their existing customer base, driving customer loyalty and encouraging repeat purchases.

During the last three months of 2019, the campaign to acquire new users of Feira da Madrugada SP with Criteo generated more than 500,000 new qualified users for the site.

In addition, Feira da Madrugada was able to track users’ journeys across the conversion funnel until the purchase is complete. Of the new users brought to the Feira da Madrugada SP website by the Criteo campaign, 28% were exposed to the other active campaigns, 11% actually engaged with the other campaigns and 5% made the purchase via a Criteo banner.

“Today, Criteo is one of the main sales and marketing tools of the business,” says Jeferson. “I believe it is of paramount importance to always stay connected with our customers and even create a close relationship. Whenever a customer is browsing the web, we can trust that Criteo will be there, showcasing our brand.”

“The power of branding and value added, as well as reminding customers what they like, is the main factor in betting so much on this partnership.”


New qualified site users