How FIGS is shaking up the healthcare industry with Criteo

The scrubs industry is worth $60 billion dollars, yet scrubs have mostly remained the same: a universally recognizable boxy, cotton uniform. FIGS began with a simple mission: to revolutionize the healthcare industry by creating innovative, modern, and comfortable medical apparel.

FIGS looks like if Lululemon made scrubs, using advanced fabrics used in sports apparel and modern designs. Their 24/7 customer service makes sure they can meet the needs of their consumers, who work 12-hour shifts.

In 2017, FIGS grew 700%, going on to triple in 2018 and is on pace for another 100% this year as they begin their international expansion.

“We’re focused on building a brand that has staying power, and we’ve galvanized our community to be a part of what we do,” says Alex Tshering, SVP of Marketing. “It’s incredible to see how loyal our customers have become.”

“Paid has been a big part of that and making sure we get a return for every conversion we have and taking that to become a brand opportunity.”

How FIGS stays top of mind with sophisticated AI

To make a splash with medical professionals, FIGS needed a way to reach prospects and customers where they were spending time online.

“We use data aggressively to understand what our buy cycles look like,” says Alex. “We know we have a very sticky audience, they come back and purchase frequently. After the first purchase, we know the window and that the next purchase will be driven between Criteo and our emails.”

“Once that buyer makes a second purchase, we’re very confident that we have a customer for life. So, wherever we can engage that return customer, we’re there.”

Criteo’s dynamic ads use machine learning to reach customers with the right offer at the right moment in the shopper journey. Ads adapt continuously according to each shopper’s preferences and browsing history.

“Criteo is integral in the customer journey, whether we’re prospecting or targeting people who’ve already visited our site,” says Alex. “Time and time again, being present wherever we can, continues to drive a customer to come back.”

With data from 2 billion active monthly buyer profiles and 120+ shopper intent signals, Criteo’s AI-powered campaigns are continuously learning and adjusting to optimize performance.

“Our Criteo representative taught me a lot about how the campaigns should work and how to optimize to a certain target,” says Alex. “That was a win out of the gate.”

FIGS has told a powerful story, winning recognition from Fast Company’s 2019 most innovative companies for branding. With Criteo, FIGS can take their video assets and put their stories in front of new audiences, driving them to consider and convert.

“We’ve gotten to a great place with what our campaign aesthetic looks like, and there’s a brand benefit that comes out of that,” says Alex. “We can see that we’re successful from the scale and the number of customers that are hitting our site every day.”

“Dynamic retargeting is a necessity these days. We want to be prevalent everywhere we go, and we do a strong job of that with Criteo.”

–Alex Tshering, SVP of Marketing, FIGS

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