Fitzgerald Auto Mall


Since 1966, the family-owned Fitzgerald Auto Mall has served countless customers in its 20 locations across Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Florida, as well as online. Now, the dealership’s web team needed to find a digital marketing platform solution that would be more cost-effective than the one they were currently using. They hoped to decrease their cost per click (CPCs) and cost per lead (CPLs), while also boosting traffic to the site’s vehicle detail pages (VDPs).


Fitzgerald partnered with Criteo to recapture visitors who left the site without submitting a lead form. Using Criteo Dynamic Retargeting, they were able to re-engage those shoppers with personalized, dynamic Facebook ads delivered at just the right time.

How Fitzgerald Auto Mall improved their Facebook advertising with Criteo Dynamic Retargeting:

  • Highly personalized ads showed products that a shopper was most likely to be interested in, when they were most likely to buy.
  • Ads were focused on those who were most likely to convert by accurately predicting purchase intent, using an anonymous cross-device understanding of each shopper’s behavior across all devices, browsers and apps.
  • Campaigns were continuously optimized to remove ineffective placements and focus on high-potential shoppers based on conversions, not just clicks.
  • Machine-learning technology worked continuously to improve the campaign’s performance.


Compared to the previous platforms Fitzgerald’s digital media team had been using, Facebook ads powered by Criteo Dynamic Retargeting produced:

  • a 51% lower CPC
  • a 14% lower CPL
  • a boost in VDP traffic that led to a 93% decrease in cost per page view

CPC (cost per click)


Cost per page view (vehicle detail pages)


CPL (cost per lead)