Icon by Design


Founded in 2016, Icon By Design is a family-owned Australian business providing quality home furniture at affordable prices. Understanding that buying furniture is neither a simple nor quick decision, Icon By Design developed a consumer engagement strategy that focused heavily on keeping the brand at the forefront of customers’ minds. The company needed a performance marketing solution that would support this strategy and enable the family business to not only attract customers, but also ensure the brand stayed top of mind throughout the path to purchase.


Criteo Dynamic Retargeting helped Icon by Design maintain a strong brand connection, and increase sales and revenue. By leveraging the strength of the Criteo Engine that powers Dynamic Retargeting, they continuously engaged with shoppers as they moved from awareness to consideration and then to the final purchase. With Criteo, Icon by Design used insights about shopper behaviors to deliver the right ad at the right moment in each shopper’s journey. Each ad was highly personalized and ensured maximum engagement at a cost-effective price.


Criteo Dynamic Retargeting delivered:

  • 27% increase in Average Monthly Sales YoY
  • 29% increase in Average Monthly Revenue YoY
  • 27% increase in Average Order Value

“We know that we have a superior, high quality product, but in the online world it can be hard to demonstrate the craftsmanship behind our furniture. That’s why we needed a marketing strategy that continuously reminded our customers of what they’re purchasing when they buy from Icon By Design.

Since partnering together, Criteo has become a defining part of our customer engagement strategy. Together, we’re able to ensure that Icon By Design stays front of mind throughout the buyer’s path to purchase. The Criteo engine ensures that our current and potential customers continually revisit us. They also make sure we engage with buyers at the right time.

The insight and data they provide us with on our customers nationwide is invaluable, and a core part of our success today.”

– David Light, Director, Icon By Design


Increase in Average Monthly Sales YoY


Increase in Average Monthly Revenue YoY


Increase in Average Order Value