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La Redoute (CDR)


French fashion and home goods retailer La Redoute constantly looks for new ways to increase customer acquisition and boost sales from new customers and products not previously viewed. To achieve this, La Redoute looked to Criteo to expand its Criteo Dynamic Retargeting campaigns to Facebook Dynamic Ads.


Criteo is able to truly evaluate each shopper’s journey across devices and destinations – and accurately assess purchase intent. La Redoute leveraged this capability across Facebook’s properties to deliver personalized offers precisely when new customers were most likely to convert.


By adding Facebook Dynamic Ads to its existing Criteo Dynamic Retargeting campaigns, La Redoute was able to:

  • Convert +10% more new customers
  • Double its CTR and triple its conversion rates
  • Achieve 49% lower cost of sale
  • Generate 28% of incremental sales from new product discoveries

Lower COS


New customers


New product discovery