LF Mall (CCA)


Since its establishment in 1953, LF has advanced the Korean fashion industry through steady innovation. It is currently the leading fashion company in Korea and is cementing its position as a global fashion brand. LF’s premium fashion mall, LF Mall, is extending that vision with a global fashion platform offering more than 2,000 brands, including 40 of the company’s own.

With the growth of domestic e-commerce users reaching a critical point, LF Mall was looking for a partner who could help them find new customers and drive new sales.


LF Mall increased their brand exposure, and enjoyed a significant increase in online sales compared to other companies in the industry with Criteo Customer Acquisition. They had already been running Criteo Dynamic Retargeting to target existing visitors, and with the addition of Criteo Customer Acquisition, they were also able to acquire new customers with a high propensity to purchase.

Criteo’s leading Identity Graph and unique shopper scoring technology enabled LF Mall to distinguish new from existing customers across all devices, browsers and apps, and identify those most likely to convert. Personalized ads with AI-driven product recommendations ensured maximum engagement. Thanks to the campaign, LF Mall’s sales from new customers increased by 8% compared to the previous quarter.

How it works

  • Foster maximum engagement by analyzing aggregated shopping and browsing events across a pool that covers 74% of the world’s online shoppers, only targeting highly relevant shoppers with a high propensity to convert.
  • Apply a unique score for each shopper with the highest propensity to buy by granularly distinguishing new shoppers from existing customers across devices, browsers, and apps with Criteo’s shopper-focused identity graph.
  • Deliver user-centric personalized product recommendations by applying Criteo’s proven product recommendation and machine-learning technology across your acquisition campaigns at a granular shopper-level.
  • Benefit from a performance, CPC-based, acquisition solution and drive maximum ROI, paying only when relevant prospects engage with your Criteo Customer Acquisition campaign.
  • Enjoy superior campaign performance as a result of extensive shopper reach, continuous shopper understanding, mass personalization at scale, and unparalleled publisher reach.


  • 5.8X More customers reached
  • 8% New sales increase
  • 8,000 Average new daily visitors
  • 500 Average new purchasers per month

“LF Mall aims to be a premium lifestyle mall. Driving growth with the standard discount promotions was a poor match for our strategic direction. Criteo Customer Acquisition’s shopper data and technology enabled us to obtain more valuable new visitors and achieve better results than any other user acquisition solutions.”

—Boram Kim
Manager, e-Marketing BSU,
e-Sales Business Department, LF co. Ltd.


More customers reached


New sales increase


Average new daily visitors


Average new purchasers per month