Love, Bonito

For today’s retailers, differentiation is all about putting customers front and center. Love, Bonito, Asia’s leading fast fashion brand, has been customer-centric from the start.

The brand’s mission is to be the most thoughtful brand made for the modern Asian woman; a go-to safe space for women to discover, embrace and become their best selves. Their offering is designed for the different moments of a woman’s life and caters to their specific needs — as young professionals, working moms, brides-to-be, and more. These values are key to Love, Bonito attracting and winning customers that would return again and again.

To stay top of mind with customers, Love, Bonito was looking for a marketing solution that could help drive customers back to the site. Love, Bonito wanted a tool that would reach their customers at the right time, with the right products.

Proving ROAS with H2H testing

To find the best results, Love, Bonito evaluated Criteo and another partner through a head-to-head (H2H) test.

The main objective of the test was to understand which partner is more efficient at driving bigger revenue for Love, Bonito, as well as to understand the impact of retargeting at different levels of the marketing funnel.

Love, Bonito spearheaded this test and actively optimized and ensured precise execution of the H2H test in order to choose a partner quickly and accurately. Their thorough test revealed that partnering with Criteo enabled Love, Bonito to deliver a higher volume of traffic and superior performance on campaigns. Revenue was 21% higher when working with Criteo, and the return on ad spend (RoAS) was 19% higher than with the other partner.

Beyond the exceptional results, Love, Bonito was also impressed with the knowledge and professionalism of their Criteo Account Strategy team. The team’s expertise and transparency were key to helping Love, Bonito make an informed decision.

Following these results, Love, Bonito has decided to move forward with more strategic collaborations with Criteo as their sole retargeting partner in Singapore.

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