With 95% of sales still happening in store, Promod, a leading women’s fashion retailer wanted to understand the impact it’s digital campaigns were having on total sales. Thanks to their loyalty program and e-receipt initiative, they collect email addresses for around 70% of their in-store sales. However, they had no way of connecting these in-store shoppers with their online buying journey. Therefore they knew there was a large audience of loyal offline shoppers that could not be targeted online with relevant marketing campaigns.


By passing Criteo a daily in-store sales data feed, Promod is able to leverage the power of the Criteo Shopper Graph, which enables it to match 70% of its known in-store shoppers to their online profile.

The holistic view of the online and offline cross-channel purchasing path allows Promod to optimize its bids and product recommendations, and thus benefit from increased performance across all of its campaigns.

64% of Promod’s shoppers identified in the store are exclusively offline shoppers*, Promod is therefore able to engage a new audience on digital channels, with personalized and relevant product recommendations, and convert them into highly valuable omnichannel shoppers.

Thanks to reports provided by Criteo, Promod also has access to full insights on the omni-channel shopping journey of its customers. For example, the company observed that among the customers who had purchased exclusively offline for the last 60 days, 2-thirds had visited the merchant site of a competitor in the same vertical; a third of them had even bought on these sites.

How it works:

  • In-store sales are deterministically matched to online shopper profiles at a market leading rate of 70% by leveraging the Criteo Shopper Graph.
  • By providing 3x more data to the Criteo Engine, predictive bidding is even more reliable and product recommendations more relevant, therefore optimizing overall digital campaign performance
  • Seamless customer experience delivered through a complete view of shopper journey
  • Improved understanding of digital campaign performance through visibility of sales online and offline
  • Privacy by design – hashed emails ensures customer data remains secure


  • 3x sales made in-store compared to the commercial site within 30 days of a click
  • +270% ROAS (Return On Ad Spend) when including in-store sales within 30 days of a click
  • 26% of customers who searched online before going to the store bought the same product, and 39% bought a product in the same category.
  • +16% incremental online audience by identifying shoppers that were previously offline only

“With an omnichannel view of our digital campaigns not only are our retargeting campaigns improved through better product recommendation and improved customer experience, we are also able to access our loyal offline shoppers that we’ve never been able to reach online and drive even more value from them both online and in-stores.”

– Yohan Smal, Webmarketing Manager


Sales made in-store compared to the commercial site within 30 days of a click


Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) when including in-store sales within 30 days of a click


Incremental online audience by activating an exclusively offline audience