provides 700+ unique styles of reading glasses in hard-to-find lens powers and types, at affordable prices. Adding new styles each month, has a very simple mission, which is to help people see more clearly so they can live a happier life.

“We strive to make reading glasses into a fashion statement like sunglasses and jewelry are.” Sammi Coppedge, Public Relations Specialist at One Click Ventures. “We want to empower people and make them feel good about the fact that they’re using reading glasses.”

“We are constantly focused on finding new ways to stand out from our competition,” says Sammi. “The market is oversaturated, so we want to reinforce the brand, and the need for the product.” helps customers see clearly

To stay top of mind with visitors who browsed their site, began partnering with Criteo.

“Criteo came highly recommended by other growth marketers that spoke to,” says Sammi. “We A/B tested Criteo against two other competitors and Criteo’s results were far and away the best. We’ve been with Criteo for 5+ years now and have continuously been pleased with the results.”

Criteo helps reengage their web visitors through hyper-relevant and personalized dynamic ads. A Custom Audiences campaign targets both visitors and existing customers, while a Similar Audiences campaign uses lookalike AI to reach new relevant and high-quality users.

“Criteo helps with multiple touchpoints and reinforcing the products,” says Sammi. “Just being able to grab our customer’s attention again drives a lot of revenue for us. We know that once we can get someone to our site, and get them to purchase our products, that there’s a highly likely chance they’ll be a repeat customer.”

Sammi also uses Criteo’s coupon module to layer on special promotions or discounts onto the campaigns.

We find Criteo’s ad platform very easy to use,” says Sammi, “ROAS is big for us so we monitor every day to see how each campaign did from the day prior. There’s a lot of helpful data on there and the platform is really quick to pull that info.”

Criteo’s machine-learning technology continuously adjusts to improve performance, using insights across 2 billion monthly buyer profiles and 120+ shopper intent signals.

“Generally, we’ve been surprised at the times of the year that drive traffic, outside of the major holidays and events,” says Sammi. “Our Criteo Account Strategist, Regan, has done a good job of communicating those unexpected instances to us. She was also great by helping us during Prime Week, which can be an intimidating time for digital marketers.”

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